Workshops & Training

I have been privileged not only to participate in many informative career development and training workshops, but also to be a presenter sharing my expertise in the areas of marketing, communications, website development, graphic design, and technology.

I have conducted training and career and leadership development workshops in many cities throughout the U.S.

Specialty Areas – Experienced workshop trainer/facilitator; Developing workshop and training curriculums and guides (writing content, creating presentations and visuals), workshop and training promotion (through website, email marketing, social media, etc.); Focus group facilitator.

My workshop titles include – Marketing on a Shoestring Budget, The “E’s” of Marketing, Marketing:  The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, Analyze This, iPads for Professionals, HTML Basics, HTML Coding, Developing a Marketing Plan, Small Business Marketing, User Friendly, Internet Safety, WordPress, Web Coders Camp, Building Confidence, Let’s Get Social, This Brand is Your Brand, Layout and Design Basics, Developing an effective PR & Marketing Campaign, Interviewing Skills, and many more.

My workshop audiences range from K-12 students to adults.  My workshop trainings and topics can be customized to suit your business, industry, or individual needs.

To schedule a workshop or training for your group or business, call 434.856-6461 or click here to contact me today.

Training courses and workshops include: